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If you require a standard UK number plate, simply enter your registration and choose any extra options. Once ordered, send us your documents and we will have your plate made and sent out the next working day. read more
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Replacing A Number Plate

Replacement number plates are necessary if your current number plate is damaged to a degree in which the characters on the plate can not be properly seen. Scratches or scuffs on your licence plate don’t mean that you have to replace your registration plate. It is only if the characters can not be properly seen.

Additionally, if your plate is damaged to a degree in which it becomes loose from the bumper, you will need to either re-attach the plate or buy a replacement. Please bare in mind a loose plate has the possibility of falling off your vehicle whilst it is in transit, causing a potentially deadly hazard to other road users.

Bespoke Plates is a licenced vendor for all of your plate modification needs, alongside being a seller of standard number plates and private plates.

Our standard number plates are individually available for £19.50, if you want both front and rear plates we offer a reduced rate of £30 for both.

Getting a replacement number plate is as simple as heading to our website and making your order. You also have the option to have your plate delivered to you for self-installation, alternatively, we provide professional fittings for your licence plate.

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For those who don’t know, your licence plate is one of many factors that are assessed during an MOT, there is a possibility your car can fail its MOT if the following conditions are not met for your licence plate.

  • Its condition – must not be broken
  • secure attachment – It should not be loose or stuck on by crude methods
  • Colour – Does it adhere to the plate rulings?
  • characters correctly formed and spaced

As long as all of these conditions are met, you will pass an MOT.

Driving a vehicle with no valid MOT can lead to a £1000 fine. Driving after a failed MOT test in which your car is deemed dangerous, can result in a £2500 fine, 3 points on your licence and being banned from driving.

At Bespoke Plates, we offer installation on all of our plates, guaranteeing you will pass your MOT. Self-installation may result in you damaging the plate, or not securing correctly, which is why we offer this service to you.

Whether your licence plate is stolen or has been lost, it is paramount to contact all relative parties, including your insurer and the police (if hiring or leasing etc, you should alert the company you have hired/leased from.)

The reason you should contact these relevant parties is that if your plate has been stolen, criminals will use your plate when committing crimes in order to divert any fines etc to you. This is an example of fraud.

The sooner that authorities know that your plate is stolen, the quicker they can apprehend the criminals.

Yes, excluding gel plates, our standard number plates contain additional options including variation in size from the traditional 20.5”, as well as Hex/Lambo style for your front and/or rear plates which carry an additional rate.

Returns/Exchange Policy

As each number plate is made to order and they are non refundabl. Once you have submitted your details the number plate will be made exactly how you have specified. Please double check before submitting. If you believe your product is faulty or have an issue please contact us via the contact page.

Opening Hours

Our office opening hours are 9-5 Monday-Friday, except on national holidays at which our offices will be closed. If you wish to contact us outside of these hours, we are available 24/7 via emails and live chat.


As the materials we use are at the very highest of quality, every style of plate comes with a 12 MONTHS WARRANTY, this includes UV protection, lamination peel + raised letter adhesive. (one of the only companies to offer such an extensive warranty).


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us on

For change of delivery address requests, we are able to change the address at any time before the order has been dispatched, please email to amend the delivery address.

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