What Is the GB Badge on a Number Plate

This blog will answer the question ‘What is the GB badge on a number plate?’

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Number plate badges explained

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Number plate country stickers, also known as badges, country identifiers or international vehicle registration codes, have a history that dates back to the early 20th century.

These stickers or symbols are used to indicate the country in which a vehicle is registered, providing information for various purposes such as law enforcement, border crossings, and vehicle identification.

Number plate badges became more prevalent and standardized as international travel and commerce increased. Here’s a brief overview of their history:

Plate badge history

In the early days of motoring, as vehicles began to cross national borders more frequently, there was a growing need for a system to easily identify the country of registration. Initially, this might have been informally achieved through various means, such as flags or other symbols displayed on vehicles.

As the need for standardized identification grew, international agreements were established to create a uniform system for identifying vehicles’ countries of registration. These agreements laid the groundwork for the use of standardized country codes or stickers on vehicle registration plates.

Over time, international organizations such as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) played key roles in standardizing country codes for vehicles. This led to the adoption of consistent two- or three-letter country codes to be displayed on vehicle registration plates or as stickers.

Do all countries have similar badges?

No. Different countries implemented the use of country stickers/badges on their vehicles’ number plates according to their own regulations and agreements. Some countries integrated the country code directly into their licence plate design, while others opted for stickers placed on the rear of the vehicle to indicate the country of registration.

As technology advanced, the format and display of country identifiers on number plates evolved. For example, some countries replaced stickers with electronic or digital displays, while others continued to use traditional stickers or integrated country codes into licence plate designs.

Is there a better way to identify a number plate?

Despite advancements in technology, country stickers on number plates remain in use in many countries around the world today. They serve not only as a means of identifying the country of registration but also as a reflection of international agreements and cooperation in the field of transportation and vehicle registration.

Overall, the history of number plate country stickers reflects the evolution of international travel, trade, and cooperation, with the aim of facilitating vehicle identification and regulation across borders.

What is the GB badge on a number plate?

What is the GB badge on a number plate?

The GB badge on a number plate is an identifier of a plate manufactured to identify a vehicle that is used in the UK. However, after September 2021, all subsequent vehicle plates for the UK, being driven outside the UK will have a “UK” badge instead.

Do all number plates have to have a GB badge?

Not at all, if the plate isn’t being driven abroad, then the badge is not required. If you are only driving your vehicle in the UK, then it is completely optional if you want it or not. If you are purchasing a custom number plate, you can opt for having a UK badge on your plate.

What happens if I drive abroad without a GB or UK badge?

Driving abroad without the required badge will result in your vehicle being stopped by the authorities and questioned. This may happen even if you do have a badge, but as long as you have travelled outside the UK legally, have the requisite insurance and valid licence, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Do other countries have badges on the number plate like the UK?

Yes, some other countries also use badges or symbols on their number plates similar to the United Kingdom. These badges or symbols often represent various aspects such as national emblems, flags, or other distinctive features. However, the presence and design of such badges can vary widely from country to country.

For example:
●      In some European countries like Germany and France, vehicle registration plates may include small national flags or emblems alongside the alphanumeric characters.
●      In Japan, vehicle registration plates may feature symbols representing the region or city where the vehicle is registered, as well as national flags or other insignia.
●      In Australia, some states and territories may include state emblems or symbols alongside the alphanumeric characters on the number plates.
While the primary purpose of these badges or symbols is typically decorative or symbolic, they can also serve as a means of identifying the country or region of registration, similar to country identifiers.

Should I change my GB badge on my number plate?

Yes. It must be covered, it can be replaced with a UK badge, available from a variety of car stores or certified platemakers. If you fail to do this and proceed to take your vehicle abroad, your vehicle may be refused entry, or incur penalties.

To correctly cover a GB number plate sticker, ensure the sticker fully adheres to the plate’s surface, without any creases or bubbles. Use a clean, dry cloth to smooth out the sticker, pressing firmly to secure it. Avoid obstructing any characters or important information on the plate.

How to order a new plate with a GB badge

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