Top 5 Number Plate Makers

The popularity of personalised and custom number plates has grown immensely since 2020 after being seen as a great investment item. With over 1.4 billion cars worldwide and more than 45 million personalised number plates in the UK, number plate makers are in high demand.
3D and 4D number plates have also recently surged in popularity, especially since the new number plate regulations were released in September 2021. The rules have helped reduce the uncertainty drivers may have felt towards this form of modification. Instead, drivers can confidently make this affordable change to upgrade the look of their vehicle completely.
With hundreds of number plate makers to choose from, how can you rest assured in knowing you have found the best? That is a question that we have answered for you with our top 5 companies based in the UK that we have selected based on products, branding, availability and overall commitment to sharing the best of what the industry has to offer.

Bespoke Plates

At Bespoke Plates, our company tagline is that we help you drive in style. As a custom number plate manufacturer based in the bustling city of Manchester, we understand just how important our customer’s vehicles are to them.
Having been operating since 2018, we have seen many changes within the motoring industry, including the rise in the popularity of custom plates.
As well as offering both 3D and 4D plates, we also provide a selection of exclusive and private registrations. Our 3D and 4D number plates stand out as we only use the best professional materials and industry-strength adhesives. We also stock number plate accessories, including the mounting rack, fittings, and sticky pads, to make installation super simple.
Our website is also designed to make choosing your new custom number plate simple, with all legal adaptions that are allowed already formatted within the checkout process. You can also enter your number plate to create an instant digital preview of your plate on our website. With full customisation to your car type, this lets you see just how sleek your vehicle could look with a Bespoke Plates accessory.
As you can see from the following reviews, we also have some delighted customers which is just brilliant as that is why we do what we do:
Providing excellent customer service is one of the many things we hold in high regard as the personal touch is not given in the motoring industry. This is also reflected in our commitment to offering same-day fittings and our responsive customer service team.
We also enjoy keeping in touch with our customers on social media via our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Our customers love to tag us in photos of their sleek plates adorning their vehicles which we always share and interact with. If you want to see some examples of our work, including close-up videos and some behind-the-scenes content, make sure to give us a follow.
You may have also seen our brand on the popular Yiannimize YouTube channel, as we have partnered with this car-obsessed influencer. Yiannimize keeps it real and honest, which is what we do, so it’s a perfect match for us.
We are not just custom number plate makers but also huge motoring enthusiasts. Always willing to share tips and advice, our products reflect just how detail-orientated and specialist our team are.

Reg Locker

Also, one on our list of top number plate makers is Reg Locker, who supplies a full portfolio of 3D and 4D, standard, show and private plates. Offering UK manufacturing and same-day dispatch, they are favoured amongst some impressive celebrity clients. They are also DVLA-approved manufacturers and share their own expertise well across all platforms.

Reg Locker also continues the work we do in providing excellent quality plates, which helps contribute to the positive perception of this car modification trend. You can tell from their product photography and positive reviews that the products are made to a very high standard.

Their website is stacked full of examples of work, reviews, advice, and support for all things to do with the world of custom number plates. Their blog is also full of lots of industry insights that offer a great way for customers to understand the legalities around custom plates. We think it’s great to see any number plate makers spreading informed knowledge.

Finally, they also have exciting social channels full of happy customers and examples of their work. They have a 5-star rating across all social platforms and use the interactive features well to engage with their current and new clients. This is the type of customer experience that we like to see!

Monsta Plates

Monsta Plates are number plate makers also based in the UK that offer a range of 3D and 4D products that are all 100% compliant with road laws. They also provide legal hex and extreme bubble plates, which are a different product type compared to other UK manufacturers.

Like others within the industry, they do their part to keep consumers informed on the latest updates regarding custom plates which is great to see.

As well as having brilliant trust pilot and social reviews, they also promote their products well across social channels. We agree that video is one of the best ways to highlight the beauty of custom number plates, as sometimes, an image does not do it justice.

Finally, they also clearly label what show plates are and what legal plates are to stop any confusion from being made. This is super important as although there is more information, there can still be some uncertainty for customers.

PL8 Lab

Pl8 Lab does live up to its namesake with fun and innovative creations. Right from the playful logo, vivid purple accents, and exciting designs, we think they have all bases covered.

Founded in 2016, they have expanded its portfolio to include legal and show plates that span 3D and 4D options. They have the standard legal options and more quirky show items, including glitter designs, glow-in-the-dark, coloured gel, and neon characters. Their main products are 4D plates with a range of custom and bespoke options being available. 17 options are available, all of which can be customised to suit personal needs. Furthermore, they also allow a choice of car and bike number plates which not all suppliers provide.

Their blog is full of testimonials and client stories which bring their products to life in an informative way. It is also straightforward to use, with tags set up to help users find the type of content that they want to view.

Also available on both Facebook and Instagram, their feeds are full of everyday content and aspirational items, including chromatic cars and prestigious show vehicles. They also post user-generated content, which is a brilliant way of showing other customers what the custom plates look like in everyday settings.

We think that number plate makers have a duty to share the fun side of the craft, and this is something that Pl8 Lab knows how to do.

Plates HD

Plates HD are a much-loved brand, with almost 5000 reviews on their website alone!

They offer 4D plates only, but the products are of high quality. As you can see from their reviews, they also have a large amount of user-generated content at their disposal to showcase how their number plates look. Adorning Kia’s to Mercedes, it’s brilliant to see the variety of consumers that use the brand.
Their website includes FAQ’s which help to define what a legal plate is, and their social media also continues this informative style of messaging. The Plates HD social channels are also used to share professional shots of the plates they produce, showing they can be considered a quality number plate maker.

What should I look for when choosing a number plate maker?

Our top things to look out for when choosing a company to make your new number plate are:
  • Look for a clear demonstration of their adherence to standards and legal requirements. This should be evident on their product listings and within all forms of communications.

  • Check out their social media for reviews and completed projects to see examples of their work. The best way to see the quality of plates is to look at professional images and user-generated content. Only the best-made 3D and 4D plates will translate sleekly into images, and any imperfections can be easily seen on these standout products.

  • Ensure they offer a variety that suits your needs. Both legal and show plates should offer customisable options that allow you to personalise your plate in any way that you desire.

  • Engage with a friendly team who are happy to answer your questions. We pride ourselves on all being experts and genuinely passionate about the world of custom number plates.

  • All number plate manufacturers also have a duty to educate and share the latest news relating to industry standards. We believe that consumers should feel informed and understand the regulations surrounding custom plates to remove any questions or concerns.
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