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A Manchester-based number plate manufacturer has witnessed a huge rise in the demand for 3D and 4D registration plates.​

Bespoke Plates is one of the UK’s top number plate makers. The company specialises in making 3D, 4D and standard number plates and also offers a full fitting service.​

The number plates are manufactured by talented technicians, using state-of-the-art equipment. Bespoke Plates operates fast shipping- the company can manufacture and post a customer’s number plate within one to two working days.​

Bespoke Plates began as a side hustle in 2018, which was generating orders through Instagram and word of mouth. Since then, the company has quickly rose to stardom, becoming inundated with enquiries from customers all over the UK, including celebrities and professional footballers.​

In particular, Bespoke Plates has seen a massive demand for 3D and 4D number plates from customers, who enjoy the company’s innovative approach to designing plates and the plates’ striking appearance.​

gel plate
3D Gel Plate
4D Acrylic Plate

A 3D number plate is a three-dimensional plate made with polyurethane gel resin, which provides a slick raised profile due to the characters underneath.​

A 4D number plate is a four-dimensional plate which is created by applying 3D characters to number plates and then surrounding them with a 4D gel, to create a block finish that screams premium design.​

The lettering and numbers on 3D and 4D plates are highly visible, which increases safety on the road.​

3D and 4D number plates are a stylish accessory which add a sleek upgrade to your car, van, lorry or motorbike. Each plate manufactured by Bespoke Plates is made-to-order, highly durable, and produced with complete precision and a high-shine finish.​

Bespoke Plates offers a high degree of personalisation for number plates- each order can be made entirely customised to the customer’s requirements, with different finishes and depths available to choose from.​

When designing a 4D number plate, customers can choose aspects including the style, border, tint, plate type and side badge.​

Number plates manufactured by Bespoke Plates are in line with the British Standard. The company offers high-quality number plates, which are legal for road use, or available as show plates, for display purposes.​

Bespoke Plates also offers number plates for electric vehicles, both in legal and show form.

Ejaaz Khan, founder of Bespoke Plates, said there the demand for 3D and 4D number plates has “vastly increased”.​

He explained: “If you’re spending thousands of pounds to buy a personalised registration plate, it makes sense to give your vehicle that finishing touch with a professionally designed acrylic look”.

Custom number plates are incredibly popular all over the globe. In the UK, personalised number plates are now a £2 billion industry– and the most expensive customised number plate ever sold cost one Ferrari dealer named John Collins over £518,000!

Shop 3D number plates and 4D number plates by Bespoke Plates here.​

Bespoke Plates is one of the leading number plate experts in the UK.​

To learn more about Bespoke Plates, visit the company website here.​

To contact Bespoke Plates, call 0333 006 7878 or email

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