Are you looking to put a show plate on your vehicle on private property? Are you upgrading your number plate to a 3D or 4D plate? Whatever the reason, we at Bespoke Plates are here to help. In this blog, we will be showing you how to remove number plate from holder.

But first off, let us explain what a number plate holder is, along with its functions and benefits.

What is a number plate holder? Do I need one?

number plate holder

The function of a number plate holder is rather self-explanatory, so to illustrate its effectiveness we would like to explain what the normal procedure is when it comes to attaching registration plates to a vehicle. However, unbeknownst to most, this is not the best way to secure your number plate.

Number plates are generally applied to the front & back bumper of vehicles with two screws on each side of the plate followed by a screw cap. This is a tried and tested method and is reliable enough as long as the screws are tightly fixed. This is the bare minimum required for your car to be road safe and pass a MOT.

However, the lack of a frame around the registration plate can make it susceptible to debris that can be encountered on any road or motorway. With enough force, the borders of the plate can be chipped. This is something you’d want to avoid especially if you’ve purchased a 3D, 4D or personalised number plate.

So this leads us to the solution we at Bespoke Plates offer. A number plate holder. The number plate holder we offer benefits from having protection around the borders of your plate whilst also allowing it to be screwed onto the bumper without going through the plate itself. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about drilling through your brand-new personalised plate and potentially damaging it if.

Number plate holders also add an extra layer of security to your private plate as it makes it more difficult for thieves to steal them and use your plate to fool security cameras and ANPR’s. Driving without a number plate can lead to a £1000 fine, so it’s in your best interest to have your license plate restored.

So do you need a number plate holder? It is completely optional, but in case you are in two minds, let us summarise the benefits of a number plate holder:

  • Offers a layer of security from theft
  • Protects your plate from hazards on the road that would otherwise chip or damage your plate
  • Gives a refined look to your number plate
  • Gives you peace of mind especially if you have invested in a 3D or 4D plate.
  • Saves you from having to drill through your plate
  • Can be attached manually if you so choose.

We offer a full fitting service for your plate, so you can rest easy knowing your new plate is in the best hands. But what if you want to remove number plate from holder? 

Remove number plate from holder

The number plate holder we offer makes it a quick and painless process to remove your plate from it. Closing the holder ‘clips’ the case around the plate, to remove it, simply unclip the plate holder and remove your plate.

Why would someone want to, or need to remove their plates from the holder?

  • They may be attaching a show plate for display purposes at a show or on a private property.
  • Their plate may hold a lot of monetary or sentimental value, so removing it is their preferred option to keep it safe.
  • They may be upgrading to a 3D or 4D plate
  • They may be getting a new or personalised standard plate
  • They may be removing the plate to see if there is any damage on their plate

We understand it may be difficult for some people to remove their plates from the holder themselves as they are worried about damaging their plates. But we encourage you to get in touch with us for guidance on how to remove the plate if you are struggling.

Will a number plate holder make me fail my MOT?

An MOT is a legally required test for your vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive on the roads without being a danger to the driver or other road users. If you have just bought a brand-new car, it does not need to be booked for an MOT until it is the 3rd Anniversary of its registration.

If buying a car 2nd hand, be sure to check its MOT status before purchase, which you can do through the official government gateway.

Driving a vehicle with no valid MOT can lead to a £1000 fine. Driving after a failed MOT test in which your car is deemed dangerous, can result in a £2500 fine, 3 points on your licence and being banned from driving.

In regards to what is checked during an MOT, these are a few components

  • Body, vehicle structure and general items
  • Towbars
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Exhaust system
  • Seatbelts
  • Seats
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Load security
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Registration plates
  • Steering and suspension
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Electricals

For a full description of what these components are checked for, please click here.

Registration plates will be checked during an MOT, so what aspects of the plate are they actually checking?

  • condition
  • secure attachment
  • colour
  • characters correctly formed and spaced

As long as all of these conditions are met, you will pass an MOT. Our plate holders retain the condition of the plate whilst reinforcing a secure attachment, whilst not altering the colours of your plate or obscuring any of the plate’s characters.

Please consider there are a number of other aspects of a vehicle that are checked during your MOT, any one of these being deemed as unsafe for the road will result in a fail. Just because one aspect of your car is road safe, does not mean that others are.

At Bespoke Plates, we offer installation on all of our plates and plate holders, guaranteeing you will pass your MOT. Self-installation may result in you damaging the plate, or not securing correctly, which is why we offer this service to you.

Gel Plates – a stylish reinforcement

Gel number plates can last just as long if not longer than traditional number plates, especially with adequate care and being fortified along with a number plate holder.

Our 3D gel plates and 4D gel plate options offer superior resilience compared to a standard registration plate due to the industrial strength, long-lasting resin we apply over the characters creating a slightly more reinforced top layer on our 3D and 4D registration plates.

Although there is no set date for how long your gel plate will last, it is definitely worth being aware of what we will shortly mention, in order to keep your plate safe and undamaged.

  • Use a number plate holder to reinforce the border of your plate, along with adding an extra layer of security from thieves and keeping your plate securely attached.
  • Try to avoid rural roads or debris on the road.
  • Make sure your plate is tightly secured to your respective bumpers.
  • Be mindful of your car’s suspension when approaching high pavement.
  • Avoid parking next to open flames, or areas of concentrated heat expulsion.
  • Have your plate installed by a professional

Further to the release of new standards in September 2021 that we previously mentioned, in March 2022, more rules were added. These amendments to number plate production reflect not just legal requirements but also have been designed to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy and safer for longer.

These rules mean that all number plates, including 3D and 4D designs, must be:

  • Additionally toughened to ensure they can withstand hits and destructive materials that can be found on UK roads.
  • Only single in colour as two tones are deemed to cause issues when dealing with different light sources and bad weather. Acrylic and gel lettering is still approved, it just needs to be a single tone to be a legal plate. Show plates can, of course, still have more creative designs.
  • Location identifiers must be visible, including the address and postcode of the supplier, also need to be included.

These additional rules, specifically regarded plates being toughened only further serve to reassure you that traditional number plates are now stronger than they were. So with our gel plates, reinforced with resin, that durability only increases.

Here for your plating needs

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We hope for anyone still wondering ‘What is a number plate holder?’ that we provided all the right answers and options for all of your plate modification needs. We at Bespoke Plates have all the options you can ask for, as an approved license vendor we can guarantee your modification abides by the DVLA rules whilst offering same-day collections and full fitting service.

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