How to Fit Number Plates Without Screws

Sometimes, we would prefer to keep our number plates, whether they be a gel plate or a standard plate, to be completely intact. This can’t happen if you attach your number plate with screws, so are there any alternatives to this?

In this blog, we will provide guidance on how to fit number plates without screws.

Bespoke Plates is a renowned and legally certified registration platemaker and installer, with options of 3D Plates, 4D Plates, Show Plates, and regular / Electric Vehicle Plates and more. We are the one-stop shop for all things registration plates!

Whether it’s a Private Plate, Gel Plate, Standard Registration Plate or plating accessories, we have you covered.

As a certified and experienced team of plate fitters and makers, our plates are installed to the specification of UK law, provided alongside the appropriate paperwork you require. (The only exception to this is show plates.)

Why your number plate should be secure

Your number plate plays a vital role in identifying your vehicle and ensuring that you are the registered driver of the vehicle. With that in mind, it is a good idea to make sure your number plate isn’t loose or easily displaced.

If you drive without your number plates, or even with one plate, you will be subject to many legal consequences, including points on your licence, a fine and more.

Number plate theft

There may be instances in which your plate is stolen, if this is the case, then you should immediately contact the police and comply with the details that they request. After receiving their guidance, you should schedule a replacement plate to be delivered or attached ASAP.

But if number plates identify one specific vehicle, what’s the point of stealing them?

Number plates can be stolen either due to them being private plates of high value, or to be used on another vehicle. Whilst using the stolen plates, they can commit driving offences that will instead be sent to the owner of the plate, rather than the actual driver of the offending vehicle. This is essentially a form of fraud.

How to fit number plates without screws

How to fit number plates without screws

There are a couple of methods you can employ to fit a number plate without screws. Here are two solutions we offer.

  • Sticky pads – Sticky pads serve to be a completely screw-free option, enabling you to preserve your plate perfectly. Sticky pads use an adhesive to achieve a lasting connection with the bumper.

Although this method is secure enough for attachment, it can be removed with enough force. This is something to consider if you own a private plate or have had issues with theft in the past.

  • Number plate holder – A number plate holder only partly employs the use of screws, however, they do not go through your plate, keeping them pristine. Number plate holders act as a casing for your number plate, whilst providing reliable and durable protection that is much more difficult to remove.

The number plate holders we offer come in either chrome or black, if you require screws to attach your number plate holder, we also sell a screw pack.

How do I remove my old plates?

If your old plates are not damaged, and you need to remove them to replace them with a new number plate, you must first check how the plate was attached.

If your plates were screwed on, you’ll be able to find the screws on the plate, and use a corresponding screwdriver or tool to remove it.

Sticky pads can come off with enough force, or sometimes require heat or other chemicals to loosen its stick. Depending on how much adhesive is used, you could find dried residue remaining on the bumper. In this instance, you must carefully moisten the residue and scrape it off without damaging the paintwork.

Can I have my old plates removed?

If you’re considering upgrading your number plates, Bespoke Plates also offers the option of installation, meaning we will safely remove and securely replace your number plate. This means you don’t have to worry about anything except when you decide to book your installation!

Is it better to use screws or sticky pads for number plates?

If you want to preserve the look of the plate, it is better to use sticky pads. However, you compromise on security, as screws are more intricate when it comes to removing them. That being said, a number plate holder is the perfect compromise, as it employs the use of screws, but does not affect the plate at all.

Ultimately, both are reliable when it comes to sticking power, if attached correctly, the plate will not become loose under normal driving conditions.

How are number plates replaced?

Bespoke Plates makes the hassle of getting yourself a brand-new number plate easy and efficient. Here is the process.

By following these steps, you will also have the option to see the plate before making a decision.

Visualising how your plate can look in real-time, with the characters from your actual registration plate, saves time and makes it easy for you to know what you want before you get it. Let us walk you through the process of choosing your plate through us.

  1. Head to the Bespoke Plates website
  2. Select the plate style you want under the “Build Your Plate” tab. Alternatively, you can follow this link.
  3. Enter your registration (You can press ‘preview’ to see your registration with all the modification options you have selected.)
  4. When selecting your chosen plate, you can opt for 3D/4D options, a Hex plate, and whether you want a legal plate or a show plate.
  5. Select preferred optional accessories.
  6. Decide if you are collecting with installation, or if you want it to be delivered.

Installing through Bespoke Plates ensures the best service & secure installation for your number plate, along with guidance for any questions you may have.

How to find legal number platemakers

How to find legal number platemakers

The easiest way to find a legally certified number platemaker is by simply accessing the UK government gateway by clicking this link here. After entering your postcode, you can find a platemaker in your locality.

That being said, the unique and quality creations of Bespoke Plates are available to anyone, as we provide delivery options too. Not to mention installation options for those worried about installing themselves.

Head to our website today, click here.

How to spot an illegal platemaker

  • They provide no certification at all of their status as a legal platemaker.
  • They do not appear on the government approved list we mentioned previously.
  • They offer no guidance as to what is and isn’t legal to have on a number plate.

These are the critical signs of an illegal platemaker. You must avoid them at all costs, even though their prices and designs may be tempting, it is you that will suffer the consequences. Always be sure to do your due diligence before going to replace your number plates.

Fit a new number plate today

Fit a new number plate today

In this blog, we have highlighted our plate options, and the information you need in order to obtain our stylish customisation options for your vehicle. We aim to have shown you how to fit number plates without screws.

We hope that we have provided all the right answers and options for all of your plate modification needs.

Bespoke Plates has all the options you can ask for, as an approved registration vendor we can guarantee your modification abides by the DVLA rules whilst offering same-day collections and full fitting service.

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