How to Fit 4D Number Plates

4D number plates are a legal number plate customisation option. These unique-looking number plates present a perfectly subtle look to the traditional number plate. But are they easy to install? Do they require a different process at all?

This blog will show you how to fit 4D number plates.

Bespoke Plates is a renowned and legally certified registration platemaker and installer, with options of 3D Plates, 4D Plates, Show Plates, regular / Electric Vehicle Plates and more. We are the one-stop shop for all things registration plates!

Whether it’s a Private Plate, Gel Plate, Standard Registration Plate or plating accessories, we have you covered.

As a certified and experienced team of plate fitters and makers, our plates are installed to the specification of UK law, provided alongside the appropriate paperwork you require. (The only exception to this is show plates.)

Does a loose number plate make you fail an MOT?

Surprisingly, yes. However, this depends on how loose the plate is. If it is loose enough that it isn’t level, or looks like it’s falling off, you will fail your MOT. Additionally, a number plate can make you fail an MOT if it is in the following states…

  • Broken
  • Damaged to a degree where one or more characters can’t be read.
  • Does not fall in the legal specifications of a customised plate, if it is customised.
  • Covered in extreme amounts of dirt and grime that blocks any of the characters of the plate (and it can’t be cleaned).
  • If the plate is hanging or secured with simple methods like duct tape etc.

Why are number plates checked during an MOT?

The purpose of an MOT is to ensure that all the inspected areas of the vehicle are safe to use, and are not a safety hazard to yourself, pedestrians, or other road users.

Number plates have the capacity to fall off, creating a road hazard, they also have the potential to distract other road users if they are outside the legal customisation stipulations. Furthermore, in some states it can not be recognised by ANPR, which can cause issues for authorities, traffic enforcement, and other systems that use ANPR.

If the mechanic analysing your number plate, and the other components required to check during the MOT, can see and show the hazardous issues, you can fail your MOT.

That being said, MOT’s allow for you to ascertain issues that you may not have realised were a problem, although it would be better to find out in advance. A failed MOT means your car is not road safe, making it illegal to drive unless it passes the MOT.

How to fit 4D number plates

How to fit 4D number plates

4D number plates can be fitted in the same way as a regular number plate. There is more than one way to fit a 4D number plate, the established, and most secure methods (if done professionally) are…

  • Adhesive tape: 

Adhesive tape for number plates is very secure, and requires a substantial amount of effort to remove.

The process of application includes ensuring the back of the plate and the relevant bumper is first cleaned. After which, you remove one side of the tape and apply it onto the surface, after this, you remove the other side of the tape and attach it to the remaining surface.

Although it doesn’t always require an expert to apply your plate in this way, you must ensure that the plate is perfectly level. If it is askew, it can compromise the plate’s integrity and could be easier for it to come off in transit.

  • Screws:

Screws are the common way in which number plates are attached. It requires equipment to ensure the multiple screws are tied tight enough. Screw caps are also available to maintain a level of aesthetic.

This method is a level above adhesive tape in terms of security, and can only be made loose if it is poorly applied, or serious damage has occurred to the bumper that houses them.

  • Number plate holder:

A number plate holder takes the efficiency of screws and bolsters them further. Number plate holders require screws to attach the holder to the bumper, however, the number plate requires no further installation after placing it and locking the holder.

This presents a perfect opportunity for those with a sentimental or private plate and want to prevent any damage via application or usage.

How secure should a number plate be fitted?

In the case of a number plate holder, and screws, the screws should be tight enough not to prevent the plate from rattling, but not so tight that it damages the plate. Regarding number plate adhesive tape, the plate should be using all the tape against the bumper.

What should I do if my number plate falls off?

If your number plate falls off, and you can’t locate it, contact your insurer (and lease provider if relevant) immediately. We do not recommend driving with no number plate, whether it is only one of them or two.

You should then schedule a replacement plate to be delivered or installed for you as soon as possible. Driving without a number plate can lead to legal proceedings such as fines, confiscation of the vehicle, and more.


Where to get a 4D number plate plus installation

Where to get a 4D number plate plus installation

Whether it is a private plate or a standard plate, getting your own bespoke custom number plate is relatively simple. In most cases, you can even do it from the comfort of your own home! If you opt to use Bespoke Plates, you can order a custom number plate directly from our website.

Let us walk you through the process of choosing your plate through us.

  1. Head to the Bespoke Plates website
  2. Select the plate style you want under the “Build Your Plate” tab. Alternatively, you can follow this link.
  3. Enter your registration (You can press ‘preview’ to see your registration with all the modification options you have selected.)
  4. When selecting your chosen plate, you can opt for 3D/4D options, a Hex plate, and whether you want a legal plate or a show plate.
  5. Select preferred optional accessories.
  6. Decide if you are collecting with installation, or if you want it to be delivered.
  7. Confirm your order!

Installing through Bespoke Plates ensures the best service & secure installation for your number plate, along with guidance for any questions you may have.

Why should you get a plate installed by an expert?

Professional number plate installation results in the following benefits…

  • Your number plate will be attached securely, with attention to its placement, making sure it is not askew.
  • The method you prefer for installation will be provided depending on the installation service you use.
  • Superior installation prevents any issues down the line, unless there is an attempted theft of the plate, or an accident that damages the area.
  • You will be given guidance on how to keep the plate protected, and any additional things you may need to be aware of depending on your installation option.

Purchase a plate today

Purchase a plate today

In this blog, we have highlighted our plate options and the information you need to obtain our stylish customisation options for your vehicle. We aim to have confidently shown you how to fit 4D number plates

We hope that we have provided all the right answers and options for all of your plate modification needs.

Bespoke Plates has all the options you can ask for, as an approved registration vendor we can guarantee your modification abides by the DVLA rules whilst offering same-day collections and full fitting service.

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