Where to order a green number plate today

Where to order a green number plate today

With plate modification becoming an ever more popular option for those looking to add a unique look to their car, gel plates (both 3D & 4D) are becoming the go-to customisation option. But did you know this unique style isn’t limited to just a licence plate?

In this blog, Bespoke Plates will be telling you how to get your registration number plate on a keychain, whilst providing you with information that will help you understand some of the vital services we offer along with our bespoke accessories.

Keychains are an accessory that can be added to your keys, these accessories can take many forms and are only limited to the imagination of the creator. Almost every brand sells or offers a keyring.

The uses of keychains

What are 4D registration plate keychains based on?

Keychains are used as an accessorise your keys. They can come in the form of a variety of items, they can contain novelty items like a mini-torch, bottle openers and more. Some can present a convenient identifier for important keys such as car keys, house keys etc.

Keys, regardless of the style, don’t usually have any significant identifiers that make them unique aside from the cuttings that are specific to the door it unlocks. Generally, you have to use them in order to know if they are yours. This is exactly why keychains are a great solution, as they personalise your key collection.

Personalising your key collection via keychain accessories gives your keys a unique stamp, making them easily identifiable to you, as you can choose what you add to your keychain.

Why do people buy keychains?

As previously mentioned, keychains add a level of personability to your key collection, making it easily identifiable. Alongside this, they can make a thoughtful and personal gift without necessarily breaking the bank to buy one.

Additionally, keychains are sometimes given as a gift in order to promote a brand, keychains are an understated level of personalisation to your key collection and is a smart way to advertise a brand in a way that is more subtle.

Why should I own a keychain?

Although keychains provide an easy way to identify your belongings, some argue that it makes them more of a hindrance to carry, or conveniently place in your pockets, they could become too heavy.

Ultimately, this is down to personal preference and isn’t necessarily a reflection on negative aspects that come with owning a keychain. Some people prefer not to have them, which is completely fine.

Get your registration number plate on a keychain

What are 4D registration plate keychains based on?

For those who have already invested in a gel number plate, or are just interested in other personalisable options we offer, Bespoke Plates also supply personalised number plate keyrings.

Number plate keyrings provide a thoughtful and unique gift for any car enthusiast, whether it’s on your house keys or car keys.

Our keyrings can be personalised to make a word of up to 7 characters, which makes your keyring even more unique to you.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we also offer a variety of colours, these include

  • White Standard
  • White Tinted
  • Yellow Hex
  • Yellow Standard
  • Yellow Tinted
  • Yellow Tinted Chameleon

So how do you get your registration number plate on a keychain? Follow these simple steps

  1. Head to our website & select our number plate keyrings
  2. Decide on the 7 characters you are going to use
  3. Choose your style
  4. Confirm your order.

It really is that simple. Order your personalised number plate keyring today!

Why would someone need a registration keyring?

You may have a clear understanding of the asthetic purposes of owning this keyring, so what about the practical reasons?

Putting your registration plate on a keyring can be a lifesaver if you lose your keys. In households that have more than one of the same car, it can also make your keys easily identifiable.

For businesses with multiple vehicles, including those of a identical model, registration keyrings present a efficient and stylish way of organising the large amount of keys you will in be in possession of.

Bespoke Plates, aside from being a licensed number plate vendor, also supplies 4D personalised number plate keyrings. Before we tell you about this unique option, let us tell you about our speciality, Gel Plates.

Gel plates explained

A ‘gel plate’ refers to a licence plate with slightly exaggerated characters that differ from a standard licence plate. Gel plates can come in the form of 3D or 4D plates.

Although there is doubt about the legality of gel plates, as licenced vendor we can confidently tell you they are completely legal. And our installation is done to the rigourous standards set by the UK government.

For those looking to add character, impact and a sleek appearance to their car, 3D & 4D plates have seen a surge in popularity beyond the car modification community, as car modification has become common. Their popularity is not only because of their unique and Bespoke look but also their increased durability.

As an approved licence vendor with years of experience, Bespoke Plates offers this sleek plate upgrade, so for those who are curious, here is a brief description of 3D & 4D gel plates.

3D plates – What makes them unique?

  • Characters placed by hand
  • Acrylic plate – polyurethane letters
  • Rounded-raised characters with a wet, gel-like look

3D plates are made from acrylic with individual raised letters. The raised letters are manufactured from polyurethane and get ‘stuck’ to the acrylic plate by hand. An aligner bar is used to guarantee perfect spacing.

The rounded and shiny gel-like appearance of 3D plates makes them a great choice if you want to add understated personalisation to your vehicle.

4D plates – How are they different?

  • Characters are placed by hand
  • Acrylic plate – acrylic letters (laser cut)
  • Rectangular and deep-raised characters

4D plates are also made from acrylic, but instead of polyurethane characters, they use professionally laser-cut characters made from acrylic sheets. This allows the characters to be thicker and more rectangular for a more eye-catching look.

You can also get 4D gel characters which have a ‘wet look’. These are made in the same way as 3D letters but have a thicker profile.

4D plates carry a premium over 3D plates by up to 20%. The reason 4D plates cost more is that the individual characters are laser cut, or they are of the thicker gel variety. In the case of laser-cut, the characters are also made to order in-house.

The 3D and 4D plates we offer are available in several styles:

4D plate options

  • 4D 3mm
  • 4D 5mm
  • 4D Gel
  • 4D Glitter Gel
  • Carbon 4D Gel
  • Krystal 4D
  • Krystal Gel

3D plate options

  • Black
  • Carbon Brickwork
  • Carbon Galaxy
  • Glitter Gel

It’s important to note that with all these different styles, the only thing that changes is the texture and appearance of the characters. Head to our website to view examples of your potential gel plate.

Order a registration number plate keychain today

We hope for anyone still wondering how to get your registration number plate on a keychain, that we provided all the right answers you were looking for, alongside additional options for all of your plate modification needs.

Bespoke Plates have all the options you can ask for, as an approved licence vendor we can guarantee your modification abides by the DVLA rules whilst offering same-day collections and full fitting service.

Whether you are after a bespoke Licence plate, any accessories, or even our unique keychains, Bespoke Plates is the number one destination for anybody looking to personalise their plate.

To get in touch and discuss the full fitting service we offer with our plates you can talk to one of the members of our team by:

Email info@bespoke-plates.co.uk

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