Are 4D Plates getting banned?

If you are looking for a shiny new upgrade for your vehicle, we are sure you have considered a contemporary 4D number plate. The multi-dimensional upgrades to the standard number plate offer the ultimate stylish modification. Despite their street credibility and the rave reviews, you may still want to know, ‘do 4D number plates look good?’

With the people of the UK spending almost £4000 per year just to run their car, justifying an aesthetic upgrade can be difficult. That is why we personally love custom number plates, as they offer a way to make your vehicle unique without a hefty price tag! Our custom plates are road legal and made with the highest quality materials for a professional finish.

Whilst the merits of these automotive accessories are plentiful, this blog post will deep dive into the various components that make 4D number plates so special. Every part is specially crafted, from the unique raised profile to the glossy finish for a premium result.

What is a 4D Number Plate?

4D plates are created by applying 3D acrylic characters to standard number plates and then surrounding them with a 4D gel to create a block finish that screams premium design. This unique design boasts depth and a guaranteed modern appearance as just two of its benefits that motorists worldwide love. 

4D number plates are also favoured for additional usability advantages. Due to the layered acrylic, plates boast improved durability, contributing to the March 2022 motoring updates for number plates. As the characters are designed to stand out more than the design of traditional number plates, these sleek designs also increase for other road users, pedestrians and cyclists.

Due to the nature of the design and legal aspects involved, 4D number plates can only be made by approved DVLA manufacturers. As one of the best number plate makers in the UK, we are thrilled to be able to provide various 4D designs that are 100% legally compliant.  

What do 4D number plates look like?

The distinctive appearance of 4D number plates is achieved with the professional craftsmanship of several components. When you are choosing your design, you have the option to choose each option for a completely bespoke finished result. With clear guidance from us as to what would be deemed legal and what is for show purposes only, you can make your dream plate a reality in a matter of minutes.

Characters – Choosing the style of your letters and numbers really does bring a 4D plate to life. You can select from either 3mm, 5mm, or 4D gel characters to personalise your design to the look you want. The increased depths are all completely legal if the colour remains one tone. This can be amended for show plates if you are looking for something a bit more special.

The raised profile gives a luxury finish and means that the characters really do stand out and become a lot more legible. If you want something more subtle, the gel letters are a great option as they offer a lower height profile and softer edges. 4D custom plates are designed to perfectly match the characters of your existing plate so they can be used for standard and personalised codes.

Plate Depth – When you think of a 4D plate, we are sure the thick design is what you think of.4D plates are coated in an industrial-strength acrylic which provides a chunky and strong appearance. It is this feature, along with the raised characters, that provides a luxury feel for plates.

As well as looking slick, the plates are also more durable than standard designs due to the reinforced materials. 4D plates have a boxy appearance which is characterised by a bigger surface area and raised profile from the car bodywork when fitted. The nature of the securely bonded design also gives the illusion of the plate being even thicker than it is. It is this glossy finish and striking feature which helps 4D number plates stand out. 

Tinting – This form of modification is only allowed for show plates. As the name suggests, a tint provides a darker appearance, often applied to 4D promotional plates. This feature can make 4D plates look thicker and is often favoured for events due to its eye-catching nature. Whilst these plates cannot be used on roads, they do offer an affordable way for brands to create a showstopping piece of branding that perfectly memorably represents companies.

Border – As long as borders are less than 5mm in thickness and at least 11mm away from characters, they are entirely legal additions to a 4D plate. Borders are a great addition to custom number plates as they offer a design accent that makes the enhanced letter stand out. Borders also work well to help plates stand out on lighter colour cars. The border can also be designed to suit the style of the letter, whether it be a defined 3D or 4D design or a softer gel appearance.

Badges – Any legal custom number is no exception to road rules which state that as well as the ‘BSAU145d’ or ‘BSAU 145e’ being in place, all badges also need to be included. 4D custom plates are no exception to these rules, with all legally intended plates boasting the relevant logos necessary for that vehicle. 

According to the DVLA, in the UK, any of the following can be applied:

  • Union flag (also known as the Union Jack)
  • Cross of St George
  • Cross of St Andrew – also known as the Saltire
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • UNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom or UK
  • GREAT BRITAIN, Great Britain or GB
  • CYMRU, Cymru, CYM or Cym
  • ENGLAND, England, ENG, Eng
  • SCOTLAND, Scotland, SCO or Sco
  • WALES or Wales

In essence, a legal 4D number plate should look the same as the standard version, just with a few added frills which make your car stand out in all of the best possible ways.

What other reasons do people choose a 4D plate?

As well as boasting a modern and unique appearance, 4D plates offer other benefits attached to the polished design.

  • A personalised, 4D number plate can hide the age of a vehicle. With the average UK car over 8 years old and the cost of living continuing to rise, people are holding onto their vehicles for longer. The age of your car is legally included within your paperwork; there is no reason why the number plate date must define a well-kept vehicle. As a 4D plate offers a modern look, people favour these designs for older vehicles when combined with a personalised option. Even if the plate is not personalised and just a 4D version of the existing characters, it still gives a modern appearance to older vehicles.

  • Improved visibility not just during the day but also at night. 24% of cars in the UK are parked on roads overnight, meaning that visibility must be high so as not to have any issues with approaching vehicles in the dark. A 4D plate improves safety at night-time as the raised profile stands out even more when met with light. Even a dim streetlight is enough to make these raised designs stand out and offer protection to your vehicle.

  • Represent your own unique personality through your car. Custom plates are fun and forward-thinking and help true car fanatics stand out from the rest. A 4D plate lets others know more about your own personality whilst ensuring your vehicle looks superior when lined up against others. Perhaps you are a creative person, a die-hard petrolhead, or just someone who has worked hard to invest in their vehicle. Whatever your reason, a 4D number plate can help your car stand out for all the right reasons and make you proud as an owner. 

What do 4D number plates look like on vehicles?

They look awesome if you ask us! At Bespoke Plates, we love the look of 4D plates for all types of vehicles. Car size doesn’t matter as these plates add attitude and style to any make or model. Not only do they give a vehicle a guaranteed contemporary design, but they also draw the eye to the plate in a way that ensures the bodywork is also the centre of attention. The raised profiles also work well to add a robust and angular feel to cars that have rounded bodywork. You can check out our gallery to see more examples of our 3D and 4D number plates in action. 

Do 4D number plates look good? You will have to be the judge of that!

Our answer is yes, every single day of the week, and this is a sentiment that does seem to be shared with our customers. 4D number plates are a legal way of adding personality and style to your vehicle that not everybody has. 

Check out our full collection of 4D number plates here, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions. 4D plates are a brilliant way of adding a stylish finish to any car which we are sure you will agree, look fantastic.

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