In this blog, Bespoke Plates will be telling you about 4D number plate keychains: The trendy accessory for car enthusiasts, whilst providing you with information that will help you understand some of the vital services we offer along with our bespoke accessories.

Keychains come in all shapes and sizes, almost every brand has one, and almost everyone owns a pair of keys. But what is the best option for car enthusiasts?

In this blog, Bespoke Plates will be telling you about 4D number plate keychains: The trendy accessory for car enthusiasts, whilst providing you with information that will help you understand some of the vital services we offer along with our bespoke accessories.

The basics of a keychain

Keychains are used as an accessorise your keys. They can come in the form of a variety of items, they can contain novelty items like a mini-torch, bottle openers and more. Some can present a convenient identifier for important keys such as car keys, house keys etc.

Keys, regardless of the style, don’t usually have any significant identifiers that make them unique aside from the cuttings that are specific to the door it unlocks. Generally, you have to use them in order to know if they are yours. This is exactly why keychains are a great solution, as they personalise your key collection.

Personalising your key collection via keychain accessories gives your keys a unique stamp, making them easily identifiable to you, as you can choose what you add to your keychain.

Why do people buy keychains?

As previously mentioned, keychains add a level of personability to your key collection, making it easily identifiable. Alongside this, they can make a thoughtful and personal gift without necessarily breaking the bank to buy one.

Additionally, keychains are sometimes given as a gift in order to promote a brand, keychains are an understated level of personalisation to your key collection and is a smart way to advertise a brand in a way that is more subtle.

What are 4D registration plate keychains based on?

What are 4D registration plate keychains based on?

4D registration plate keychains are based on real life customised registration plates, otherwise known as gel plates, which can either be 3D or 4D. The plate has this name due to the characters of the plate not being flat, but instead slightly protruding from the plate, giving it a 3D effect.

Gel plates are becoming common and accessible to anyone, and with the subtle yet distinct style provided, along with the extra reinforcement provided to the plate, it’s no wonder they are so popular! And as a result, you can now have that unique style on your own keychain!

Bespoke Plates, alongside being a provider of 4D registration plate keychains, are also a renowned, established and certified vendor of gel plates, show plates, standard registration plates, and more.

4D registration plate keychain : the trendy accessory for car enthusiasts

So now we’ve told you the basics about keychains, and a little bit about 4D registration plate keychains, let us tell you how you can get your very own.

Number plate keyrings provide a thoughtful and unique gift for any car enthusiast, whether it’s on your house keys or car keys. Our keyrings can be personalised to make a word of up to 7 characters, which makes your keyring even more unique to you.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we also offer a variety of colours, these include

  • White Standard
  • White Tinted
  • Yellow Hex
  • Yellow Standard
  • Yellow Tinted
  • Yellow Tinted Chameleon

Order your personalised number plate keyring today!

Why would someone need a registration keyring?

You may have a clear understanding of the aesthetic purposes of owning this keyring, so what about the practical reasons?

Putting your registration plate on a keyring can be a lifesaver if you lose your keys. In households that have more than one of the same car, it can also make your keys easily identifiable. 

You could even put your name or a nickname on the registration keyring, it’s all about what you want, and what makes your keys unique for you.

For businesses with multiple vehicles, including those of a identical model, registration keyrings present a efficient and stylish way of organising the large amount of keys you will in be in possession of.

Is a 4D registration plate keychain a good gift?

Definitely! 4D registration plate keychains are customisable, so what you choose to put on it as a gift is special and unique to the person you will be gifting it to.

Maybe you have a friend or relative who is forgetful or owns a lot of keys, these keychains present a unique way of identifying which keys open what door!

Of course, it goes without saying, any true car enthusiast would love the style, customizability, and thought that went into selecting a 4D registration plate keychain as a gift for them.

What shape are 4D registration plate keychains?

What shape are 4D registration plate keychains?

We offer the option between the regular rectangular registration plate shape, or you can choose a Hex-style plate.

What is a Hex plate?

A Hex plate is a registration plate which has a six-sided hexagonal shape, our registration plate keychains also imitate the real Hex plate style, which again is a popular customisation option for car enthusiasts.

Do 3D registration plate keychains exist?

Unfortunately, we do not supply 3D registration plates, but they may exist. Though we must highlight, the difference between actual 3D and 4D registration plates is noticeable, with keychains and their characters being so much smaller, there wouldn’t be much difference between a 3D and 4D style.

Are 3D and 4D registration plates legal?

To clear up any confusion, plate modification, whether that be hex plates, or gel plates (3D & 4D) are 100% LEGAL if you stick to the outlined rules from the DVLA.*

*Please do your due diligence and research, some unverified registration plate providers may not be making their plates to the legal specification, which could become a massive inconvenience for you. Visiting Bespoke Plates is the best way to avoid this trouble.

Alternatively, using the government gateway to find licenced and approved plate makers is the best option for peace of mind and finding a plate maker close to you. Enter your postcode on the government gateway website.

What are the legal requirements for a registration plate?

The legal terms that a registration plate must adhere to are:

  • be made from a reflective material – for road safety
  • black display characters on a white background (front plate)
  • black display characters on a yellow background (rear plate)
  • not have a background pattern – so as not to distort the readability of your plate
  • be marked to show who supplied the registration plate – to assist with thefts and sourcing queries
  • be marked with a British Standard number – this is ‘BS AU 145e’ for plates fitted after 1 September 2021
  • The characters must not be removable or reflective. If your registration plates were fitted after 1 September 2021, they must also be a single shade of black.

Read the full list of legal requirements here.

Order a 4D registration plate keychain today

Order a 4D registration plate keychain today

So there it is! A handy little guide on the 4D registration plate keychain: The trendy accessory for car enthusiasts. We hope that we provided all the right answers you were looking for about our registration keyrings, alongside additional options for all of your plate modification needs.

Bespoke Plates have all the options you can ask for, as an approved registration vendor we can guarantee your modification abides by the DVLA rules whilst offering same-day collections and full fitting service.

Whether you are after a bespoke registration plate, any accessories, or even our unique keychains, Bespoke Plates are the number one destination for anybody looking to personalise their plate.

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